Water, malt, hops and yeast. Some beers may contain speciality ingredients depending on the style.

All of our beers contain gluten from barley, wheat and in some beers, oats.

This all depends on the packaging option you have chosen.

Bottled beer carries a best before date which will usually give several months in which to drink it. It is always advisable to store upright in a dark, cool and dry place.

A polypin has a seven day best before date from when you receive it.

Mini keg refills, that come with a CO2 regulator, have a seven day best before date from when you receieve it. 

Jugs of draft beer have a 24 hour best before date from when you receieve them.

It is advisable to keep your polypin / mini keg / jug of draft beer in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

A polypin is a plastic cube with a tap in a cardboard box.

We sell 10L (approx 17 pints) and 20L (approx 35 pints) polypins.

This is where the beer has been allowed to naturally referment in the bottle through the action of the yeast. The yeast drops to the bottom which is why there is a sediment. The ‘fizz’ in the bottle has been created naturally and is called ‘condition’.

Serve your bottle conditioned beer by pouring gently with care, at an angle so that the yeast sediment is left at the bottom of the bottle.

***Witi Kitti is an exception as it is a cloudy Belgian style beer – the sediment can be swirled to be included in the beer***

The bottled beer has had no clarifying agents used in its production. The beer placed into casks and polypins have been clarified with isinglass finings, which are a fish based product. While the finings are not normally present in the finished beer they have come into contact with it.

***The exception to this is Witi Kitti which when in cask, polypin or bottle is vegan***  

We can fill mini kegs with CO2 regulators such as the ones provided by UFlow and Malt Miller.

We require mini kegs for filling to be brought to the brewery cleaned and sterilised. We do not take responsiblity for contamination to the beer as a result of unclean kegs and fittings. It is advisable to bring your CO2 regulator, gas and keg top with the keg for purging at refill.

We do not fill mini kegs that have no CO2 system, such as the 5L ones sold in supermarkets.

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